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Exploring Our Roots

You are now entering the genealogical world of Dale W. Mower. Join me in the quest to capture my family's ancestral heritage.

This page serves as the launch pad of the quest. In the right link bar, I will include quick links to take you directly to the major areas of interest.

In these pages you will find much of my genealogical research related to both my family and the family of my wife, Patti. I plan to include photos of my ancestors and other family members, photos of gravestones, as well as my questions and problems that I hope someone may be able to help me with.

The usual caveat: Bear in mind that I am not a professional genealogist, just a mere family historian who is enjoying digging around my family tree's roots and discovering stories and learning history at the same time. Also, please note that this is a continual work in progress.  As any genealogist can tell you, family research is never complete - for each new ancestor found, a new set of parents needs to be tracked down.

There may be errors in my database, there may differences due to varying interpretations of information, or conflicting information. I have not verified and confirmed each and every connection back to an original source document. If you notice something that doesn't look right or that you have contradictory information for, please let me know so I can revisit. My goal is to present information that is as accurate as possible.

For people that have visited the site in the past, you may note that the database is considerably smaller. I am currently working at rebuilding some of the database and making sure that all the information presented is sourced. So fewer people, but better information.

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