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Here is the place where I try to capture what sketchy information I have on some of the more elusive ancestors - those links that leave me stumped, baffled or otherwise frustrated. Where did these ancestors come from? When were they born? And who were their parents? The proverbial "brick walls" that all genealogists come upon.

Hopefully, someone can provide a clue or point us in a new direction of research.

elisabeth (edwards) mower

Elisabeth EDWARDS, my 4th-great-grandmother, was married to Jonathan MOWER on 29 May 1782 in Charlton Massachusetts (MOORE in town's vital records). She would have been born about 1764. All that is known of her family is that she was a relative of the Rev. Jonathan EDWARDS - this according to the Mower Family History compiled by Walter Lindley Mower.

She died in Greene, Maine, on 2 Mar 1836, and is buried in the Old Valley Cemetery in that town.

mary (underhill) mower

Mary (aka Polly) UNDERHILL, my 2nd-great-grandmother, was married to John MOWER on 20 Oct. 1814 in Lewiston, Maine (in the newspaper announcement she is mentioned as "of Lewiston." According to the Mower Family History compiled by Walter Lindley Mower, Mary was "of" Chester, New Hampshire. Does this make her a descendant of that town's Capt. John UNDERHILL? W. L. Mower describes her as "a lady of attractive features, charming presence and great executive ability." W. L. Mower also gives her birth date as 18 May 1795. She died in Bangor, Maine, 12 March 1857, at the age of 61. She is buried at Maple Grove Cemetery in Bangor, Maine.

I have requested a copy of her birth record from both the Town of Chester, New Hampshire, and the State of New Hampshire, both to no avail..


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