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You've landed at the online home of Dale & Patti Mower - well, this is mostly the work of Dale but made possible through the understanding and support of a wonderful wife.  The focus of this site will be on the research and discovery of the roots, travels and history of our families - but you may find some photos and info relating to folks still very much alive.

Dale's Ancestry

The family connections - being an 8th generation Mainer (or is it Maine-iac?), Dale's familial lines touch numerous Maine families.  In most cases, these lines go back to immigrant ancestors who arrived in Massachusetts from England during the great migration in the 1600s, including three Mayflower passengers...John Howland, Richard Warren and William Brewster.

Dale's paternal ancestors migrated from Massachusetts directly to Maine (well, a few stopped in New Hampshire along the way).  The Maine surnames include MOWER, VICKERY, RICHARDSON, EASTMAN, BEMIS, SPRAGUE, GIBBS, GOULD, WEBSTER, HASEY, DEXTER, WHITTIER, CROWELL and WYMAN.

Dale's maternal ancestors appear to have made a similar trek, but choosing to be loyal to the British crown at the time of the American Revolution, they moved to New Brunswick after the war where they lived for a few generations before journeying back across the border into Aroostook County, Maine.  A little Scottish heritage joined the bloodline while the family was in New Brunswick.  These lines include the surnames:  TERRILL, ESTABROOK, GRANT, DOW, WRIGHT, HILLMAN and THOMPSON.

Patti's Ancestry

Patti's family has been a tougher project, being only a few generations on American soil.

Her mother's lineage is Franco-Irish.  Immigrants arrived from Ireland, probably entering through New Brunswick and working their way towards Bangor, Maine.  These lines include SHANNON, LOGAN and HENNESSEY.  Her Irish grandmother married into a Franco-American family, whose ancestors came from both New Brunswick (some tracing back to Acadian families) and Quebec.  This union added the French surnames of THEBEAU, BOLDUC, THIBODEAU, BABINEAU, MATHIEU AND VEILLEUX to the family tree - and also connects her to her distant cousins Celine Dion, Camilla Parker Bowles, and Madonna.

Her paternal side appears to be a blending of English loyalists and Franco-American origins.  Her GILBERT line turns out to be living in fairly close proximity to Dale's ancestral relatives in New Brunswick.  Surnames of the Gilbert wives include DUNPHY, BEEK and YERXA.  Her grandfather married into the VAUTOUR family, which added the names ROBICHAUD, FOUNTAINE, PAULIN and MALLETT to her ancestry.

And lest we forget the descendancy

We're proud of the younger generation ... Meaghan, Derek and Melissa ... and want them each to know that they are our favorite - each in their own unique and individual way.  But seriously, my favorite is. . . .


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